Creating a study Bible with TeX

Authors: Šimon Konečný (ideas, examples), Petr Olšák (implementation)

This package includes OpTeX macros which allows to create a study Bible in many language variants. The main Bible text is in separate files while the commentary apparatus can be written in other files. TeX is able to join all these data into single print of a study Bible. Moreower, the many language variants and translation subvariants are provided.

License: GPL

Examples of the book Daniel in English translation variants:

Examples of the book Daniel in Czech translation variants:

Sources of these examples are in the ZIP package and at the Overleaf English or Overleaf Czech. You can clone these projects and add you own comments to the Bible text and for more Bible books...

The only difference is that the Biblon font presented in the PDF examples is replaced by Termes in the free sources because Biblon has nonfree license.