Creating a study Bible with TeX

Authors: Šimon Konečný (ideas, examples), Petr Olšák (implementation)

This package includes OpTeX macros which allow to create a study Bible in many language variants. The main Bible text is in separate files while the commentary apparatus can be written in other files. TeX is able to join all these data into single print of a study Bible. Moreover, multiple language variants and translation subvariants are provided.

License: GPL

The following files are usually up-to-date only here and on github. The packages on CTAN and Overleaf are being updated once in every couple of months.

Examples of the book Daniel in English translation variants:

Examples of the book Daniel in Czech translation variants:

Sources of these examples are in the ZIP package (above or) on the Overleaf. You can clone the project to your own Overlaf project or download the entire project toyour computer and unzip it there.

The only difference is that the Biblon font presented in the PDF examples is replaced by Termes in the free sources because Biblon has nonfree license.

Additional Files that you might want to use

Here are some files that you might want to use, mostly the sources for the Biblical core texts. These files have the extension .out and are meant to be used as a parameter for the script maketxs.py to create all the Biblical books for each particular translation. Use them at your own risk; only BKR and RBK are supposed to be free of errors but you never know until you run accross still another one. Revidovaná Bible Kralická (RBK) is my own adaptation of the Bible Kralická (BKR). If we may consider BKR to be the Czech equivalent of the English KJV Bible, then this RBK tranlation is equivalent of the New King James Version. Nová Bible Kralická (NBK) that is currently being worked on has nothing to do with the old Bible Kralická; it would be more proper to name it Nová Bible pro 21. století (NB21) because it does to B21 what NKJV does to KJV: It maintains most of the text, only ocasionally changes some expression to make more sense or to sound a bit better in modern language. RBK does that to BKR, unlike NBK. The files are in Unicode to be usable with LuaTeX; make sure your browser displays that correctly if you want to view them directly. (The same applies for errata-BKR.txt further below).

My (Šimon's) intention is to have this list grow; feel free to convert your favorite Bible into the required format and send it to me so I can add it here.

Some Fonts

In the sample book of Daniel, several fonts are used which are free to be used but we don't distribute them, therefore we cannot post them on CTAN. Ezra Sil is the Hebrew font designed to resemble the font which Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia is typed with. You can download it for free from here. Shlomo is then a font designed to resemble Ezra Sil but with minor changes to improve readability when printed as small characters; compare, for example the letters Resh and Dalet in both Ezra Sil and Shlomo. In the sample book of Daniel, I am prefering Shlomo. Download Shlomo.ttf from here. In the sample book of Daniel, there is also king's name spelled in Old Persian Cuneiform font; you can download it from here, for example, if you think you might needed, or if you just want to see it working properly when you test the functionality of the sources.

Extra (useless) Files

These files are not needed for any meaningful purpose; they are here just for you to look at them if you'd like to.

  • Errata errata-BKR.txt is the file mentioned in documentation, proving that internet sources are not to be trusted blindly.
  • Six English translations with Gill's commentary follow. They look horrible, no doubt they are the ugliest Bibles that you've ever seen. These Bibles underwent no formatting, no paragraphs breaking, no headings, etc., they are by no means a model of how a Study Bible should look like.

    Nevertheless, they show the power of the OpBible: the notes are on the same pages as the verses they are commenting on. Now Gill's commentary was not meant as study notes to go on the same page with the Biblical text; the notes are too lenghty for that. These are the complete Bibles mentioned in the first chapter of the documentation; each of them took about ten minutes on Ryzen 3.

  • Bible in Basic English: BBE-Gill.pdf
  • Jubilee 2000 Bible: Jubilee2000-Gill.pdf
  • New English Translation: NETfree-Gill.pdf
  • Restored Name King James Version: RNKJV-Gill.pdf
  • Updated King James Version: UKJV-Gill.pdf
  • Young's Literal Translation: Webster-Gill.pdf